Rhubarb Timperly Early

€2.50 per crown.

A very early variety and by far the most popular heavy yielding variety. Good disease resistance and very easy to establish, small amounts can be harvested the first year. Care must be taken not to disturb the stools in the ground if pulling.



Rhubarb Victoria

€2.50 per crown

Mid-late season variety. An old variety first introduced in 1837. Very reliable, good stick quality and flavour. High yields year after year








Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’

only €2 per bush

The recommended choice of autumn fruiting raspberry. First start to ripen towards the end of August continuing until October.
Good disease resistance, exceptionally large fruit which has great texture and excellent flavour.



Raspberry Malling Jewel

Only €2 per cane

The most consistent producer under any circumstance for over 50 years. Good disease resistance. Tolerates wet land, reliable good quality fruit. It has a long fruiting season starting in early July and continues for up to eight week.



Whitecurrant White versailles

Only €3.50 per Bush

White grape like fruit, large sweet tasting berries. Used for dessert, jam, wine making and much, much more. This fruit is very tasty to eat off the bush. Its white colour somewhat camouflages it from birds.



Redcurrant ‘jonkheer-van-tets’

Only €3.50 per bush

An early cropper with heavy yields, juicy and full of flavour.
Redcurrants are much sweeter than blackcurrants. They have lots of uses culinary, jams, eaten fresh, garnish for desert, smothies , etc .



Blackcurrant ‘ben alder’

Only €2.50 per bush

A vigorous, upright, rounded, deciduous shrub with lobed, semi-glossy, mid- to dark green leaves, clusters of insignificant. White to pale green flowers in late spring and high yields of small, round, glossy, edible, black fruit ready for harvest in late summer.
Really easy to grow, ideal when planted in rows 2 foot apart.



Gooseberry Black Satin

Only €3.50 per bush

A vigorous, good mildew resistant variety and a heavy cropper. Red berries. Nice for eating and cooking.



Gooseberry 'Invicta‘

Only €3.50 per bush

One of the heaviest cropping varieties available, Gooseberry ‘Invicta’ produces almost twice as much fruit as other varieties, from late May onwards. The flavoursome, smooth skinned fruits stay firm and retain their shape when cooked, making excellent pies and preserves. This vigorous RHS AGM variety also has excellent mildew resistance



Strawberry - Cambridge Favourite

25 plants only €10 

A well known and popular variety as it is such a reliable cropper on all types of soil and under all sorts of conditions. Provides plenty of medium-sized, light red fruits. More often than not, the first choice for jams and preserves.



Strawberry 'Elsanta'

25 plants only €10

A mid season variety producing heavy crops of glossy, red fruits with a delicious sweet flavour. Strawberry ‘Elsanta’ has a good storage life which makes it a popular supermarket variety. This superb strawberry is easy to grow, and does well in containers, producing delicious fruits from mid-June to mid-July. Height: 20cm (8"). Spread: 30cm (12"). Supplied as bareroots.



Appletown wonder

***Native Irish Apple.***
Very large, yellow apples, some over 1lb. From Appletown in Co. Limerick.



Beauty of Bath

Beauty of Bath Apples are very early medium sized red speckled eaters with a delicious sharp but sweet flavour.
The flesh is crisp and white, although it can very often have red flecks or speckles.



Bleniham Orange

Traditional yet still the best dual purpose apple. Heavy cropper and disease resistant. Excellent flavour.



Bramleys Seedling

The most famous cooking apple of all, producing large fruits with a sharp acidic flavour that are ideal for making delicious pies and crumbles. Awarded an RHS AGM, Apple ‘Bramley’s Seedling’ has good disease resistance to scab and mildew. Pick ‘Bramley’ apples from October when mature for immediate use or lay the fruits in a cool dry place for winter storage. They will store for up to 3 months.



Cox self Fertile

Dessert Apple - A self-fertile clone that needs no other variety for pollination. A more highly coloured clone of Cox's Orange Pippin. It has all the same benefits and taste as Cox's Orange Pippin but the fruits are more coloured with an aromatic flavour.



Cox’s Orange Pippin

Regarded to be the finest tasting dessert apple, the rich aromatic flavour and crisp, juicy texture set this apple apart from other varieties. Apple ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ produces medium sized, orange-red fruits with thin skins. It is well suited to the temperate Irish climate, producing a good crop that can be harvested from September for immediate use and stored for a short period too.




Delicious fruit, juicy, especially when picked ripe from the tree. Successful everywhere. Disease resistant.



Egremont Russet

Is a cultivar of dessert apple, of the russet type. It has a rich, nutty flavor and crisp, firm and fairly juicy flesh.



Howgate wonder

Cooking apple. Huge fruits have a gorgeous sweet flavour, and hold their shape when cooked. Self Sterile.



James Grieve

One of the best apples there is. Early, it is a very sharp tasting eater that cooks beautifully - one of the rare apples that can be cut small before cooking yet still hold its shape. As it ripens further it becomes sweeter, milder and softer with a texture not dissimilar to a ripe pear.





An intensely flavoured juicy apple with textured flesh and red/orange skin. Jupiter is a tall - as opposed to flattened apple with firm flesh and a distinctive acid taste.




An attractive medium-sized apple, usually bright red in colour over a light green yellow background. The flesh is a pale cream colour, and on the softer side of crunchy. Katy is usually a very juicy, and when fresh from the tree the juice goes everywhere as you bite into it. It has a fairly mild apple flavour, a bit of refreshing acidity, and in a good year a hint of strawberry.
Partly self?fertile.



Lord Lambourne

A dessert apple . It is particularly suitable for northerly, colder, higher rainfall areas. Good, regular crops of apples have a greenish yellow skin, flushed red and a sweet, juicy, attractive flavour.



Appletown Wonder

Native Irish
Dual Purpose eater/cooker. Is a very large, yellow apple, some fruits weighing over 1lb. It has an interesting shape: ribbed and puckered.



Mrs Perry

***Native Apple Tree***
A hardy tree that is very vigorous. Large conical, round fruit. Skin is pale greenish yellow often flushed red. Flesh is creamy white and moderately sweet. Doesn't keep very well, but can be left on the tree until November. Very juicy.



Red Stripe

***Native Apple Tree***
Nice red eating apple.




A deep marroon-coloured apple with an excellent refreshing sweet flavor. Apple text books often describe the flavour as "vinous" and it can indeed have a wine-like quality, although this is first and foremost a crisp, sweet juicy apple.



Victoria Plum


A reliable plum which produces a heavy crop of large, pale red fruit with golden-yellow flesh, which can be used for cooking, canning, bottling or just eating fresh.



Damson merryweather


A medium sized Damson plum with good resistance to silver leaf disease. Damson ‘Merryweather’ produces heavy crops of large, yellow fleshed fruits for picking in late August. The blue skinned plums have a juicy, acidic flavour which is ideal for making delicious flavoured preserves.



Pear Conference


This dessert pear tree is covered with pure white flowers in mid-spring, followed by delicious, long, yellowish green fruits. Broadly columnar in shape it's ideal for an open, sunny site.



Cherry Lapin


One of the largest and juiciest sweet cherry varieties. It is said that one Lapin Cherry is a mouthful. Lapin Cherries can pollinate themselves, so planting another sweet cherry cultivar is not required. The skin is a dark red to a deep purple colour. The flesh is sweet and juicy with a nice flavour.




€7.50 each

Fruits ripen in mid season and the harvest goes on for weeks. The 3-4' tall bushes become a blaze of crimson in the fall, so they are ideal arranged as an informal hedge. Set plants 4-8' apart and make sure the soil is acidic. You'll have fresh blueberries for pies and preserves for many, many years. Bluecrop is a Midseason variety. Medium size fruit with a high sugar content. Plants yield heavily.