Acer platnoides


Norway maple. Very easy to grow tree. rarely gives any trouble,
tolerant of most sites. Not fussy about soil ot exposure.
Will tolerate sea air. Fantastic autumn colour.

Height 25 ft.



Acer plat. (Crimson king)


Crimson king is a wonderful tree. Its rounded head bears deep purple leaves from March till November. Grows to height of 20-25 feet.
Does best when planted in a resonabaly sheltered location.



Acer plat (drummondii)


Varigated Norway maple. Spectacular tree with very handsome rounded crown. Grows best on a free draining site that isn't too exposed.
Will grow to 25 foot. Same habit as Crimson King.



Acer pseudoplantanus


Sycamore. A beautiful big tree very handsome. Produces helicopter like seeds in autumn.
Big leaf, great autumn colour. Will grow anywhere (within reason).
Tolerant of strong winds and salt air. Not fussy with regards soil type.


Alnus Cordata


Italian alder. The best screening plant of all. Grows in a spectacular shape worthy to be called an ornamental. Grows over a yard a year. Very hardy excellent leaf cover, doesn't lose leaf till december, then it produces catkins until late february and leafs up again before the end of march.

Keener prices for large quantities.

Bigger sizes available.



Alnus glutinosa


Common alder. Native tree, grows well in almost any soil. Thrives in moory ground. Very fast growing, forms a nice 20 foot high conical
tree which will thrive where most trees will fail. Worth considering for awkward sites

Keener prices for large quantities.

Bigger sizes available.





Amelanchier lamarckii


This the most spectacular small tree . In early spring it gives you 4 weeks of multiple snow white flowers. This is followed by copper foliage which turns green for the summer then followed by the most spectaculur autumn colour.



Betula pendula


Silver birch. A native tree, grows tall but keeps very slender. Will grow in dampish ground. Bark turns white after 5 years or so. Will thrive where more ornamental trees will fail.
Will brighten up any hedgerow. Looks especially good when planted in clusters.



B. utilis var. jacquemontii


A vigorous deciduous tree to 15-20 foot tall, with brilliant white bark on the trunk and larger branches; ovate leaves turn yellow in autumn.
Best used in clusters of tree and under plants with shade loving plants like Berginia 'cordifola'



Betula pendula (Youngii)


Young's weeping birch. A special tree worthy of a special place in your garden. It is toloerate of most conditions. Grows to 10-15 feet.
Looks spectacular when mature.



Carpinus betulus 'fastgiata'


Upright hornbeam. A spectacular tree, grows into a column shape like the one in photo without pruning!!! Grows to about 15-20 feet. Very easy to grow. Used commonly in street planting example being Main St. Castlebar.



Carpinus Betulus


Hardy native plant similar to Green Beech with mid-green leaves, suitable for heavy wet soils, and frost pockets.
This tree has good autumn colour and when young it holds its rusty leaves the same as beech.



Contoneaster 'Cornubia'


A decent semi-evergreen tree. Grows to 15 foot. Better used as a tall hedge rather than an individual. Bears white berries in spring and red berries in autumn, very hardy and tolerant of lots of different conditions.



Contoneaster hybridus 'pendula'


Nice small weeping evergreen tree bears white flowers and berries.
Grows to 6 feet.



Corylus avellana (Hazel)


Common hazel but not to be overlooked!!! Dont forget it is used to growing in terrible conditions, when the leading branch is uncut its makes quite a nice small tree. Produces eye catching long yellow catkins in spring. Hazelnuts in autumn.



Crataegus monogyna “Paul's Scarlet”


The red version of the common hawthorn.
Nice easy to grow small tree, very eye catching in spring.



Euculuptus gunnii


Evergreen. Will grow into a large tree but it is better kept as pruned at about 8-10 foot. Extreme frosts like in 2010 will kill this tree. However it is hardy in most winters, tolerant of sea air.



Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple'


A nice tree for someone wanting to plant a copper beech but doesnt have the space.



Fagus slyvatica (Green beech)


A beautifull stately tree. Very long lived, provides great value to wildlife.
Avoid planting in heavy wet soils. Holds the rusty leaf over winter on juvenile wood.



Ilex aquifolium


Native evergreen tree. Grows to about 15 foot. Bears white flowers in spring/summer followed by red berries at Christmas.
Very valuAble to wildlife.



Laburnum 'vossi'


Golden rain tree. One of the most spectaclur trees on the market. Has long yellow flowers in late spring/early summer.
Only to be planted in a sheltered sunny site with well drained soil. Not a tree for hardship!!!



Larix eurolepis (Larch)


Medium sized deciduous conifer. Mixes well with birch. Attractive bark and super autumn colour.



Liquidambar styraciflua


Beautiful small tree. Unique corky bark, a spectacular autumn colour.
Grow in a sheltered site to maximize its colour.



Malus 'golden hornet'


Yellow fruited crab apple. Good robust small tree gives a dazzling display of white/pink flowers in spring followed by yellow crab apples in Autumn.



Malus 'profusion'


Purple crab apple. One the nicest trees available. Purple/Pink flowers in spring followed by Purple/Pink fruits in autumn. Purple leaves appear in spring and hold until early winter. Very hardy suitable for sea side areas.



Prunus 'avium'


Bird cherry. Native to Ireland, nice in its own right. However its flower displays does not compare well against the more ornamental kanzan and shirotae. However it does produce small cherries which are valuable to wildlife.



Prunus 'burgandy'


Purple leafed cherry blossom. Nice tree, very easy to grow. Pink flowers in spring, holds its purple leaf for growing season. Fantastic autumn colour.
Cherries are very versatile, tolerant of most conditions.



Prunus cerasifera 'nigra'


Purple plum. This is the first colour every spring in the garden. It is covered in light pink flowers early spring every year, followed by purple leaves.
Grows to 15-20 foot very hardy and suitable in most conditions.



Prunus 'Kanzan'


Cherry blossom. Needs no introduction!!
This tree is not to be under estimated. In spring it produces a nice little copper coloured leaf, which changes to green in the summer. This is then followed by fire like red leaves. It will grow almost anywhere.
All this without even talking about its fabulous pink flowers in May!!



Prunus Shirotae


Table topped white flowering cherry blossam.
Nice to be used as an alternative option to kanzan.



Prunus yoshino weeping


A little treasure!! Its only about 4 feet tall but its display of flowers is second to none.
Handy for a small garden where a traditional cherry would be too big.



Quercus robur (common oak)


A large native tree. Very long lived tree it will live over 150 years.
Of huge benefit to wildlife and a fantastic thing to leave for the next generation.



Salix 'Chrysocoma'


A majestic tall weeping tree. This tree is easy to grow but it does not like dry ground it likes damp ground. Otherwise it is suitable in nearly all conditions.



Sorbus aria 'lutescens'


Whitebeam. Very nice small conical tree with silver leaves in spring followed by white flowers and red berries.
Very hardy tree, will tolerate wind and salt air and isnt particular of soil type within reason.



Sorbus aucuparia


Mountain ash, rowan. A very easy tree to grow, yer it offers many benifit. It stays small 15ft, flowers in the spring and has great crop of red berries every autumn.

This tree will grow in almost every location. Very hardy. Tolerates salt air.



Sorbus aucuparia 'discolour'


More slender version of common mountain ash. Bears a bigger berry and it has fantasic autumn colour.



Sorbus aucuparia 'joesph rock'


All the same characteristics of discolour. However this tree has yellow berries.